If you are a dealership

Dealer package

Dealer package
  • The best price discovery system

    The best price discovery system

  • Understand the demand side

    Understand the demand side

  • Synchronize trade across the network

    Synchronize trade across the network

  • Re-market to specific locations

    Re-market to specific locations

  • Target best marginal market

    Target best marginal market

Product description

Dealer software

Control the real-time sales from different network marketplaces.

  • Request management tools
  • Sales price suggestions
  • Deposit system
  • B2B / B2C Arbitrage
Dealer software
Vehicle list

Automatically upload your available inventory and enable trades to be conducted across the entire network.

  • Run synchronized auctions
  • Multi listing capabilities
  • Direct sales
  • Cross-dealer sales

Invoicing | After sale

Manage the entire purchase process for final buyers.

  • Invoicing
  • Payment channels
  • Transportation integrations
  • Tracking