By joining shelf you get

Joining features
  • Ecommerce infrastructure

    Ecommerce infrastructure

  • Access to the global inventory

    Access to the global inventory

  • Arbitrage capability

    Arbitrage capability

  • Worldwide payment channels

    Worldwide payment channels

  • Monetize on each sale

    Monetize on each sale

Product Description

Marketplace pack

Marketplaces pack

Deploy fully functional e-commerce platform in under 2 weeks. Regularly receive updates and modular add-ons at no cost, just by being part of the network.

Network Auctions

Direct Sales

Upload Options

Enhanced Search


Mobile Support

Buying Power

Deposit management system and buyer balance - every account is linked to individual profile balance, enabling to secure trade process, purchase different services, or reuse for payments.

Customer side

Marketplace pack includes enhanced trade and activity management tools for user profile:

  • Invoicing
  • Messenger
  • Watchlist
  • Support
  • Request management tools
  • Transportation tracking
  • Call backs
  • Consulting chat
Customer view
Admin view

Admin side

lead management software allowing to track customers, automate the consultation process, provide with inbuilt cost calculator for transportation, financing and third party services.

  • Lead management software
  • Omni-channel messaging
  • Broker assignment tool
  • Deposit management
  • Trade panel
  • Pricing suggestion
  • Third party service integrations