Service ecosystem

Plug and sell your supporting services across the network, with each available vehicle in a bundle.


In partnership with local leasing and financing providers, marketplaces offer individually tailored service for their customers.

Brokers trading with network vehicles can receive short-term loans from financial providers for stock creation and further remarketing.

Transportation companies

Transportation companies

Every vehicle shared in a network comes with a precalculated transportation price for each geographic location. The service is offered by partnering companies that automatically adjust pricing through provided data and customer requests.

Inspection services

Companies providing pre-trade, on location inspection service and offering professional condition reports assist in inventory validation.

Shelf offers history report check through global database of Carfax (Shelf.Network is the sole authorized reseller of Carfax service in eastern Europe)

Inspection services

Further applications

Network ecosystem allows different vendors to easily plug-in and cross sell their services through partnering marketplaces.

  • Car parts

    Car parts

  • Insuring cargo

    Insuring cargo

  • Insuring vehicle

    Insuring vehicle